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Sound healing meditation for retreats

A sound healing session for your retreat is an unique introduction to sound healing. An inspirational and novel way to experience the wonderful benefits of sound. 

Sound healing sessions for retreats
Sound healing
Sound healing for retreats

Sound healing  for retreats

Whether you hold yoga, couples, wellness retreats or festivals, 
my sound healing meditation will complement your program. A sound journey gets people in a relaxing mood for your event and creates a transformational, safe, and positive atmosphere for retreat activities. 

Share knowledge and awareness


If you are a retreat organiser, planning a spiritual event or needing a unique activity, I can add sound healing sessions for your spiritual seekers.  I travel to your event within South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales to add an angelic touch to all participants.

A session for retreats may include:


Sound healing sessions

Tune up for wellness

I provide a relaxing environment and create a space for participants to re-establish connection with themselves and to share their inner energy with others, while listening to soothing sounds. With time and space for solitude and spirituality, this is an excellent activity to complete alignment to thoughts, feeling energies, and beliefs about yourself and the world. 


Help your participants to:

  • Meet and connect with like-minded people

  • Relax in a deep state of meditation; heal and grow spirituality 

  • Discover a new energy, find your peace and your own answers

Find your retreat's participants beaming with joy 


Add my sound healing as a memorable experience to your retreat and your participants will be rewarded with a sense of upliftment and deeper inner connection.

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