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Your soul's healer and guide

About Elena 

Your soul's healer and guide

Your soul's healer and guide
Sound and energy healing services

My Story

Hello, my name is Elena,


I was born in the Ukraine and grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia during the Soviet era.  I had been a scientist in the leading Academy of the USSR. After moving to Australia, life brought some health challenges to the family. It took me on the journey from science into a deeper science, quantum physics and discovery of alternative healing modalities which transferred my health into my hands.


With my intuitive energy and sound healing, I feel your soul's past trauma and creative gifts. I help to clear past emotional hurts that prevent your creative energy from flowing freely. I create and hold a healing space where you can safely activate your healing process, discover your higher potential, and find your beautiful light.  

Sound and energy healing services

Heart and soul connection

I respect and accept your ancestor's background and see your traumas from a different perspective. I am empathic and feel your emotional pain. My energy and sound healing attune your body to a higher frequency, releasing past traumas and activating your new potential. As a result, you gain confidence, courage and deep love for yourself and others.


With my unwavering positive attitude, I hold space for your gentle but very deep transformation.

Empowered with healing experience and vast knowledge


From Masters degree in Biology, Diploma in Environmental Science and over 20 years of studying and practising different natural healing modalities, I have scientific understanding of human history and biology and the importance of our connection with the environment. 


With my vast knowledge and keen interest in traditional natural medicine, healthy foods, meditation and vibrational medicine, your healing journey with me will be interesting, informative and exciting.

  • My qualifications
    Master Degree in Biology, St Petersburg State University, Russia Russian Academy of Science- work experience Post Graduate Diploma of Environmental Quality, Griffith University, Australia Kinesiology Certificate IV, Australian College of Natural Medicine Reiki: traditional Usui, Sekhem and Karuna Pranic healing, NLP Australian bush flower and light frequency essences Shamanic studies Tibetan crystal bowls Sound and crystal healing Chanting Sacred geometry Radionics and Dowsing
Sound and energy healing services

Changing your vibration changes your life

I'm highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. This helps me assist and guide you to raise your vibration and awareness and to create the life that you choose. Specialising in metaphysics and vibrational medicine I can help you understand how to create your own reality and shape the world around you. 


Through my intuitive abilities I can sense your DNA, inherited traumas, gifts, and talents passed onto you from your ancestors. 


Changing your vibration leads to changing your behaviour to a healthier lifestyle with courage and purpose; you activate self-healing genes and deactivate the disease-causing ones and create new patterns in your life journey.

What you seek is seeking you


Are you ready to connect to your inner wisdom, strength and power, and your beautiful inner light?


Let me help you to create a road map to your soul, to hear your soul's voice, find new direction and meaning for a happier life.

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