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Group sound healing circle

Safe and supportive sessions for the community of healthy and happy people

Group sound healing circle
Sound healing circle
Group Healing Circle

Grpoup Healing Circle

If you feel alone, drained and are looking for new meaning in life, our health and sound meditation group sessions provide a respectful space for people who need support with the sense of community and encouragement to build each other up. 

Heart and soul connection

The sound healing meditation groups are a regular healing therapy and a safe place for like-minded people of all ages. With experience of running group sessions for 20 years, I connect people who have similar interests for friendly meetings.


Come along and experience:

  • Group circle sound healing meditation

  • Archetypal cards reading

  • Healthy diet and recipes 

  • Learn about crystals and sound healing 

  • Open and supportive talks to deepen your understanding of different spiritual concepts

Group Healing Circle

Relax, heal, and grow

During our sessions, I hold space for the healing and connect all the 
participants to their guides and angels. You are always in a nurturing and accepting place that allows you to gain the deepest meditative state, get a sense of support and find a guide to your own healing process:

  • balance your inner energy and be present in your healthier body 

  • discover your meaning and take charge of your wellbeing 

  • feel safe, and find friends in a respectful community

Receive the support you need to live a better life

Join a safe and sacred space for you to connect with your own healing process, create friendships and know that you are ok. 

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