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Welcome to the month of November!

So, what is happening astrologically? The Sun is in the sign of Scorpio. Happy birthday to all Scorpio people! It is a very deep and passionate sign. Did you know that Scorpio has 3 different animals associated with it? The scorpion is the low level expressing as someone being controlling, jealous or vindictive. The second animal is a snake adding personal power and transformational qualities. And the third animal is an eagle; this is phoenix rising from the ashes, complete transformation and rebirth. I am going into so many details here because this is a very powerful month and we can have different outcomes depending on what level of awareness we operate on.

The New Moon is happening on 5th of November. This is a great time to set up new goals for this month. With Moon opposing Uranus, and Mars and Mercury moving into Scorpio at the same time, setting up new goals will have extra power, brilliance and oomph.

We are entering the eclipse season now. The Full moon in Taurus is also a Luna Eclipse on the 19th November. Eclipses happen every half a year. They are like doorways: they help us to let go of the past and start a completely new life especially if your birthday happens nearby. Depending on our level of awareness this month, we can have some deep secrets coming out in our families as well as on a world stage. There is also a possibility for a very deep transformation, letting go of so many things that are no longer working for us and discover our true values. And ultimately, transcending all past limitations, we can let our deepest self be seen and known by shining our beautiful light!

Finding ways how to balance and centre yourself becomes crucial now! It seems that outside world is spinning faster and faster. We can use the analogy of a tornado here. The faster it goes on the outside, the quieter it is on the inside. All these current events teach us to find our own centre and to transcend our limitations. We are so much more powerful that we think.

Be the eye of your own storm!

Please, see my events below to help you find peace and balance during this powerfully life-changing and productive time.

Love, Elena

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