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Welcome to the month of December!

So, what is happening astrologically? The Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius. Happy birthday to all Sagittarian people! It is a truth searching and freedom loving sign which often doesn't know when to stop and can easily go overboard. This last month is a real crescendo to the whole year! Whatever was happening actually since the beginning of 2020, all the transformation, insights and realisations are coming to a major breakdown to breakthrough. We are starting this month with the New Moon and Solar eclipse happening on the 4th December. This is a great time to set up new goals not just for this month but also well into the future. Eclipses happen every half a year. They are like doorways: they help us to let go of the past and start a completely new life especially if your birthday happens nearby. With all the uncertainty currently happening, it may be difficult to decide on your goals. It may help to focus rather on the feelings you would like to bring into your life like safety, nurturing, happy relationships, work you love to do, health and prosperity. Summer Solstice is on the 22nd December. This is a tipping point with the longest day and the shortest night going into shorted day and longer night. Traditionally people celebrated Solstice as a completion and a new beginning times. Also, the final square between Saturn and Uranus, with its destruction of the old structures and the revolutionary need for new ones, is happening on the 24th December. It may feel like we've been through so much this year and when will it stops? Finding ways how to balance and centre yourself becomes crucial now! It seems that outside world is spinning faster and faster. We can use the analogy of a tornado here. The faster it goes on the outside, the quieter it is on the inside. All these current events teach us to find our own centre and to transcend our limitations. We are so much more powerful that we think. Be the eye of your own storm! Please, see my events below to help you find peace and balance during this powerfully life-changing and productive time. Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Love, Elena

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