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Welcome to the month of February

Hello Beautiful People!

I trust that you had a great start to the new year! Personally I had a bit of a quiet time detoxing from the digital world. That's why I skipped the January newsletter. The Relaxation Centre was closed for the usual yearly break and it is open now from this week. The policy of the centre is still to welcome and include everyone and to provide support and care. I am really looking forward to seeing you soon!

So, what is happening astrologically? The Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. Happy birthday to all Aquarian people and also belated happy birthday for Capricorns! We are starting this month with the New Moon in Aquarius and a New Chinese year on Tuesday 1 February. Aquarius is a very revolutionary sign. After 2 years of intense constriction and transformation, this month starting a massive forward movement. All the planets will move forward from now until May. This is the time to put new structures into place, come up with some new revolutionary and innovative solutions to old problems. Think big! Think outside the box! This creativity trend will build in March - April with Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces that happens every 165 years! What an opportunity! I will write more about it when time comes in the next newsletter.

The Full Moon in Leo will be on 17 February. Full Moon illuminates things that may not be seen easily. Leo's qualities are passion, desire and creativity and courage to share that with others. Focus on your heart, do you know what your passion is? How does it feel to be uniquely you?

With the longer planetary cycles, the eclipses will be in Taurus and Scorpio polarity for next 18 months. This shifts from information overload and fake news of previous 18 months to simplifying our lives and going back to basics on one hand, to anything that is out of integrity coming up to light on the other hand. It's already happening with the corruption in the government being openly discussed. This is also an opportunity to look at what is out of integrity in different areas of our lives.

Please, see my events below to help you find peace and balance during this powerfully life-changing and productive time. Love, Elena

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